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A message from our manager

Aaron Gabtzer is the founder and CEO of Mint.com, and now the vice president & general manager of Intuit's Personal Finance Group, since Mint.com was recently acquired by Intuit (makers of the popular personal finance apps Quicken and TurboTax).
One of the best contributions that a company can make to an online community is educating its users on how to use its products. For video, that doesn't always mean uploading a ton of videos on every little feature. Sometimes, it just means providing the basics. Mint.com's YouTube channel does a great job of providing valuable information on how to use its products. With just over 20 videos uploaded, many of which Gabtzer appears in, Mint.com has garnered nearly 700,000 video views. Kudos to the Mint.com team for keeping it minimalist while still racking up video views. Their channel proves that quality always trumps quantity.