About Us

About Rational Identity

We create designs, navigational architectures, and messages that allow your market to easily understand, purchase, and create long lasting relationships with your brand.This has allowed us to become one of the top local Internet marketing companies. We have been fortunate to work with companies from UK, France and Germany to Australia and Japan and everywhere in between.

The management consists of US and German based entrepreneurship, specialized in software development, implementation and software maintenance, outsourcing for big variety of clients.

Our specialists take on projects and engage in their development from the functional specifications, analysis, design, until the test phase, installation and maintenance.

Our strengths are the ability towards objective analysis, assurance of the projects quality and the mobility and flexibility of human resources. These allow us to approach projects in a more dynamic and fast manner.

We focus on developing and implementing of distributed applications, Internet, Intranet and client-server for Windows and Linux / Unix platforms.