Cloud Development

Cloud-native software development
Successful SaaS development requires you to work with a services provider well versed in both the underlying development technologies as well as the singular challenges of the SaaS model.
Rid partners to offer both kinds of expertise.

We have years of experience and dozens of developers intimately familiar with all major SaaS development platforms – from Java to .NET to Ruby on Rails (RoR). And we’re also highly adept at solving thorny issues unique to SaaS, such as customer data security, subscription and payments, ad integration and scalability, just to name a few.
Our cloud development services aim to provide you assistance with developing, migrating or otherwise working on applications in order to ensure that they run smoothly on cloud platforms. We support you in developing robust cloud technologies by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration, integration and testing services.

We have solid experience with solutions deployed on OpenStack and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we build cloud-native software that rapidly scales to meet your business needs.
OpenStack orchestration

Computaris modern subscriber management solution We can support you in OpenStack Orchestration with:

Deployments orchestration through Heat templates
Fast deployment and scaling using custom prebuilt virtual machine (VM) images
Tackling difficult issues like auto-scaling databases and other state-full components

Application portfolio assessment

Computaris-TOP-Testing-Suite-helps-perform-regression-tests-quickly-and-effectively We can provide consultancy and assess your application portfolio for cloud migration:

Assess the cloud readiness of your application portfolio
Define the Cloud Reference Architecture
Asssess the needed capabilities matrix
Define the application cloud roadmap and plans

The continuous delivery model

Port existing solutions closer to microservices architecture principles
Develop new microservices solutions
“Dockerize” applications and prepare an elastic/auto-scalable cloud deployment with Kubernetes replication controllers and services
Help establish good practices for a successful continuous integration setup
Establish the full continuous deployment pipeline