Mobile Development

Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktops and laptops, and users are demanding more and more functionality from their portable devices. Any software today needs a solid mobile strategy – or it’s dead in the water. RID Software has been a leader in mobile software development, creating native mobile apps as well as injecting mobile functionality into a range of enterprise software solutions.

RID has handled strategy, concept, design and development for dozens of mobile apps and mobile software components built on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

The RID operating model – with top developers stationed around the world – delivers the company an advantage in mobile since many of these professionals hail from lands where mobile has leapfrogged wired communications platforms and penetration, usage and expectations are ahead of that seen in the U.S. This long-term experience with mobile provides the RID teams an inherent advantage in terms of their understanding of best practices and real-world usage.

Some of the areas of expertise in custom mobile app development include:

CMS Mobile Content management System
Push notifications with deep linking
Mobile analytics applications
BYOD implementation
Business applications
and more…

Mobile App Development Platforms

iOS App Development

RID ’s iOS app development team has a tremendous amount of experience in developing apps for the iPhone and iPad. Taking advantage of the variety of device features and capabilities that are accessible when developing on the iOS platform, we can create custom apps for these mobile devices that will enhance the user-experience. Already having deep experiences and a strong track record in iPhone app development, our iPad app development team is able to leverage this expertise, as well as take advantage of some unique iPad capabilities like the pop-over interface elements and the 3-axis accelerometer, and build unique and dynamic iPad apps.

Android App Development

RID ’s Google Android application development utilizes the Android SDK platform to create innovative and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. Using creative design and cutting edge technologies our Android app developers deliver some of the best Android apps found on Google Play.

BlackBerry App Development

Using RIM’s proprietary APIs, RID ’s BlackBerry application developers create Java-based applications for BlackBerry mobile devices. Our BlackBerry app development services include building scalable, easy to use apps that leverage the BlackBerry device’s devices-shifting modes and touch capabilities.

Windows Mobile App Development

Now developers have all the power, scalability and innovation of the Microsoft Windows operating system in a compact version known as Windows Mobile. Our developers can take advantage of the features and capabilities of this influential mobile desktop OS, providing custom Windows Mobile app development solutions for our customers.